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Become a Featured Business on the App and Receive:

  1. Featured Ads on both the App and Website
  2. Business name
  3. Address - linked to google maps so customers can navigate directly to you
  4. Phone number
  5. Up to 25 photos
  6. 1 video
  7. Include your menu (optional if you're a restaurant)
  8. Include business hours (optional)
  9. Website (optional - if you have one)
  10. Email
  11. Facebook link
  12. Instagram link
  13. Up to 10,000 characters describing what you do, what your business is about.
  14. Google Maps pre-loaded with your location so guests can drive directly to you
  15. Be included on the first app that covers the Adirondack Park!

I appreciate your interest in advertising with us on both the App and the Website ( When you advertise on the App we will put the same information on the website. That way no matter who is looking for you or how they are trying to find you, they can! 

When I was advertising with the local paper I was paying $66/week or $3,432 a year. It didn't take me long to realize that advertising in this manner was not financially beneficial as the local paper is mostly read by those already in the area, not those planning on coming to the area. 

Not only is promoting a business digitally cheaper, it's also much more affective. 


$25 per listing w/4 listing minimum 
       OR $100 minimum if you have less than 4 listings
       You can also promote your office in place of a listing

$25 each additional listing

The price is monthly. You can opt to have this reoccurring until you cancel or you can opt to come back and manually purchase each month. I will ask you once you've made your initial purchase.

Choose 'Up to 4 listings' and then 'Add to cart' then choose how many additional listings you need and 'Add to cart'

Once you purchase the number of listings you want to advertise, I will send you a form to give us the information needed to get your listings uploaded.

Note Seasonal Businesses are usually May - October but we can adjust for your particular needs, just let me know.

In all sincerity, I cannot wait to work with you!

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